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Allen Shiroma
Matt Gudorf
Rob Rice
Jerry Nearhoof
Stephan Fedele
  • Assistant Director, Engineering and Campus Energy
Adam Feuerstein
Joe Fleshman
Ramiro Castillo
Renee Mihalovich
  • Renee Mihalovich
  • Sr. Administrative Operations Supervisor / Executive Assistant to the Associate and Assistant Vice Chancellor
  • 949-824-5065

FM Supervisors

Name Title Email Phone
Debbie Aceves Assistant Superintendent 949-824-3075
Nathalie Anaya Accounting & Finance Manager 949-824-2906
Fred Bockmiller Manager 949-824-3010
Michael Bonomo Central Plant Senior Superintendent 949-824-8715
James Bradney HVAC Supervisor 949-824-6367
Chuck Casella Superintendent Building Maintenance Signs Paint Roofing 949-824-6690
Jacqueline Castaneda Sr. Superintendent, Custodial, Recycling, Moving & Event Services 949-824-3834
Jeff Crouch Plumbing Supervisor 949-824-2508
Anne Krieghoff FM Recycling and Sustainability Program Manager 949-824-9097
Greg Feazel Senior Superintendent, Project Services 949-824-1193
James Layne Security Infrastructure Program Manager 949-824-1308
Alfredo Mendez Superintendent, Grounds & Irrigation 949-824-5241
Bill Mitchell Supervising Carpenter 949-824-5201
Manuel Ocegueda Irrigation Mechanic 949-824-7410
Sergio Sanchez Asst. Custodial Superintendent 949-824-4296
Rick Ternet Sr. Grounds Superintendent 949-824-6640
Joel Villanueva Sanitation & Hardscape Superintendent 949-824-9156
John Walker Supervisor, Electrical Shop 949-824-3646