All trades jobs and estimate walks are being placed on hold at this time. We will reschedule the estimate walks after April 6, 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Facilities Management has hired an estimator to help us improve our estimating processes. Our goal is to make our estimates more accurate. We are now utilizing an estimating program that ensures that our in-house estimates reflect labor hours that are standard within the industry.

Current benefits:

  1. Estimator will estimate most, if not all jobs -- freeing up FM staff currently providing estimates for other work.
  2. Estimates are no longer needed for small, common recharge jobs that are usually completed for less than $1,000. These jobs have been identified by each trade, and a link to this information has been posted below. Facilities Management has stopped providing written estimates for these requests.
  3. A construction team has been identified. This will help to familiarize our customers with employees who will work on scheduled projects. The team will also benefit by working together regularly.

Trades Estimate Guide

Listing of Common jobs usually completed for less than $1,000